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LSE Baltijas studentu apvienība (London School of Economics Baltic Society)

The LSE Students’ Union Baltic Society was established on 5th March 2008 and since then has become the central hub for Baltic students from LSE and other London-based universities.

The primary aim of the Baltic Society is to strengthen relationships among LSE students from the Baltic States (i.e. Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) as well as people having interest in the region. We also aim to expand knowledge and debate about the culture, economies and politics of the Baltic countries.

In addition to this, we simply encourage the students from the Baltics to interact more and build a strong community at the LSE where we could spend some time collectively, create and implement new ideas, or just have a great time together while studying at LSE and living in London!

Our official aims are as follows:

- To bring together LSE students coming from the Baltic States and LSE students who are interested in Baltics

- To organise networking events (lectures, discussions, presentations, parties, trips etc.) for the society’s members with relevant 3rd parties (businesses, politicians, other societies/their members, academic staff etc.)

- To support (financially, academically and by any other relevant means) students, researchers, academics, grassroots movements (NGOs, charities, civil society groups) and any other stakeholders related to or interested in, the Baltic States – promoting understanding and development of the Baltics

Currently there are more than 50 full-time LSE students who are members of our society. Moreover, many more London-based students from other universities often attend our events.

The membership is open to all LSE students, who have some interest in the Baltic region, so please feel free to join our society! Additionally, most of our events are open to everyone with interest in Baltics – so do not hesitate and come along! 

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